Tuesday, July 4, 2006

2006 Hanover Firecracker 5 mile Results

18/183 Overall
3/12 Age

Not my best effort, for sure. The day was humid as could be, but the temperature was only in the high 60’s. According to everyone I talked to, it was a generally ’slow’ day for a race.

If the mile markers can be trusted, I ran my first in 5:45, and my second in 6:15. I am guessing the mile markers were NOT accurate because my pace did not change THAT much, although I know I slowed down.

I am getting the feeling of being raced-out. There is a 10K road race in 10 days that I was thinking of entering, but I think I have to bail. My 12 day family vacation to Maine sortof threw off my training schedule, and like my other races, I didn’t ‘get up’ for this one. I sortof need to concentrate, either go whole hog as a marathon runner, or spend a little more time focusing on the short distances. I am allready registered for the half marathon in late August, the Detroit marathon in late October, and am planning on Boston 2007. I guess that part of the calculation is allready made for me