Saturday, April 29, 2006

Family Service & Children’s Aid 5K results

2/50 Overall

A very nice day for a run, a bit on the cool side. I started out the race in the lead for the first half mile. My 1 mile split was 6:01, 2nd mile split 11:59. That's what we call a ‘negative split’ which doesn't happen for me too often.

Again, since marathon day is fast approaching, I couldn't take a day off from training, so this was my tempo run for the week. Unlike my last race, I did my long run (18 miles) for the week on Wednesday so as to have three days rest. I was hoping for a sub-19 time, and got it.
It looks like this might be my final race before the big one. Ugh. Now I really start stressing…

Saturday, April 15, 2006

2006 Orthopediac Rehab 8K Results

15/190 Overall
3/? Age

The day was absolutely perfect for a run. About 50 degrees, no wind, and blue sky. I started out solid (first mile at 5:50) but then slowed down. I could feel the 15 miles I put on two days ago as the race went on.
As my first marathon is mere weeks away, I cannot ‘give up’ any training days for races, so I did my long run of the week on thursday, and the race was my ‘tempo’ run of the week. I will do the same for the next two races for the same reason. Those are both 5Ks.

When I put my time for the race into the cool distance calculator, I still get a sub 3:10 marathon, so I am still on pace. Focus focus focus…

Thursday, April 6, 2006

How Running Has Changed My Life In Short Order

So I started running seriously again last fall and once I realized I was going to stay with it this time for a while, I tried to start improving the rest of my life to help my running. I started to eat a little better, cut back on fatty
foods, party a little less, lose some weight, etc. I was making improvements, but they were small.

Then I decided to start training for a marathon, and actually ran in a half marathon. Last Saturday was a turning point. With great success in that race I realized that I actually have a shot to qualify for Boston, almost every distance runners dream. With that as a legitimate goal, my focus has sharpened even more. My motivation for eating better, having a better lifestyle, being more kind to people (keeps stress low) seems to have increased 3 fold because of that race.

I feel absolutely fantastic, and am getting better everyday. Ahh, life is good.

Remember, there is no finish line.

Saturday, April 1, 2006

2006 Martian Half Marathon Results

28/2012 Overall
7/188 Age
Well, the Martian half marathon was my test to see if I will be able to run a full marathon.
My goal was to do it in less than 1.5 hours, which means I _should_ be able to run a full marathon in less than 3:10 (Boston qualifying time, which is my ultimate goal)
This week I have been trying very hard to stay relaxed, watching closely what I eat, and forcing myself to take my runs easy. Yesterday I played 9 holes of golf which helped as well. All that ‘work’ paid off today.
The marathon and half marathon started at the same time, but I was near the front, crossing the start line about 10 seconds after the gun. My first mile was 6:00 min exactly, which happens to be my 5K race pace. After ~ 5 miles I had a 3 minute ‘lead’ on my 1:30 goal pace and tried very hard to keep that for the remainder of the race, which I did. I kept it so solid, that I could not ‘kick’ at the end, because I had been running so long at one speed. That is a good thing, though.
After the race was done, I felt fantastic. My legs (shins splints, ankles, heel, all of which have been hurting me in the last 3 weeks) feel fine. Small blisters were starting to form on my toes, so next time I need to remember to put some body glide in between my toes. I did eat too much food after the race, so my stomach got upset and I am a little tired, but feel great.
Tips for my next (long) race, which should be the Sunburst Marathon in June:
1. Go to the bathroom early. The line right before the start is going to be VERY long.
2. Hold your pace, no matter what people around you are doing. You are racing against the clock.
3. Body glide on thighs and toes
4. Golf the day before
5. Taper. Really. It was hard to do this week, forcing myself to do short workouts, but it paid off.
6. Don’t drink to much water during the race unless its hot. I was plenty hydrated from my morning tea, but I had a little water at each aid station, and I didn’t need to.
7. I had a carb-boom gel pack at mile 8.5 Not sure if it helped or not, but probably did. I will need those for the marathon for sure.