Sunday, October 29, 2006

2006 Detroit Marathon Results

Underwater mile split 7:02
274/3876 Overall
33/341 Age
MEO Detroit marathon 2006Ok, I know, thats not fast for me (hey, I was still in the top 10%!), but this was my last ‘training run’ before my 50 mile ultra in 13 days. I desperately tried to start out slow, I did I did. It seemed the first 10 miles I was saying to myself ’slow down, slow down’ and I would back down. After 21 miles, I decided to treat this like a training run, so I picked up the pace for the last 5 miles, running them about 7:15 pace. Passing people was kindof fun actually. :) Here, 5 hours after my finish, I feel pretty darn good. One blister on the side of one toe, and a blister over where my ankle brace touches the top of my foot.

My lovely wife and daughter were my ‘crew’ giving me encouragement, hugs and some ‘different’ marathon food. I wanted to test a few ‘new’ things for my ultra. This time I tried potato chips to go along with my peanut butter sandwich and ‘flat’ coke. Yummy yummy. I also took along my cell phone to communicate with Val and SJ, but also to call my parents around mile 10. I tried using my cell phone’s ‘hands-free’ microphone/earplug combo but it didn’t work out so hot, so I had to resort to using it the old fashioned way, holding it up to my ear. That worked OK, since I was still sort of jogging.

The weather was OK, the temp was nice at ~43 for the majority of the race, but the wind was brutal in some spots (gusts over 20 mph) That was probably good practice for Chicago, now that I think about it…
I learned a lot, this last test drive before the chicago ultra, namely:
1. Go out slow, force yourself. Tell yourself ‘If I still feel this great at mile 30, then I can pick it up’. I will have my heart rate monitor with me (I forgot it this time) so that will help.
2. Eat more. After my PB sandwich at mile 13 I didn’t get hungry again, but I should have eaten some more. I had plenty of water and gatorade, drinking some at every other station it seemed.
3. As soon as it feels like a blister, stop and correct it. I pushed on today because I knew I could survive until the finish. If I get another one in mile 20 in Chicago, I WILL stop.
4. Sunglasses! I forgot mine and had to steal my wifes at mile 8.5, the first time I saw her.
Well, now my taper REALLY begins for Chicago. 13 days to go, I will be easy on myself, with gentle runs of 7:45 pace. I can’t don’t anything now that will make me faster, but I can screw up and make me slower. I hope I remember that these last days…