Saturday, June 10, 2006

2006 Rose Run 10K Results

11/133 Overall
2/8 Age

Ok, whose stupid idea was it to race a 10K one week after a marathon??? Looking back, that was not the smartest idea. I ran only three times that week, all 40 minute easy easy runs. I felt pretty good day of show and was just hoping to break 40 minutes, which I was happy to do.

The weather was pretty good for a race day, with temperatures in the high 50’s.

I wish I knew how well I would have done had I trained properly for this race. Of course, I have not really trained for any of the ’short’ races this year (5Ks and the like) as I have been focsuing on my big races, the Martian half marathon and the Sunburst marathon. I suppose I could not think about those (or not run them) and actually train for the shorter distances.
Nah…. I enjoy the longer runs.

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