Saturday, August 5, 2006

2006 Clark Lake 12K Results

18/191 Overall
1/11 Age

A pretty nice day for a run, although the humidity was a little high. My starting pace didn’t seem that fast, but my first two miles were faster than 5:50. My 3 mile split was less than 18 flat which means I would have set a PR for a 5K time if I was running the 5K race. Some races in the Citizen Patriot Run Series draw quite the running crowd and this was no different. It was a crowded field that even had some Kenyans running in it.
My shins were giving me a little grief this week, but good stretching and some aspirin 2 hours before the run helped, I’m sure.

I did sortof taper for this race, chosing to go easy this week, but I also am training for my 1/2 marathon in a few weeks and my full marathon in late October. Within 45 minutes of the end of the race, I was at the Jackson County Relay for Life and ran for another 14 or so miles (a little over 1.5 hours) for the JCC Phi Theta Kappa team. I ended up getting my 20+ mile run for the week, broken up, yes, but I did not have much choice there.

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