Thursday, April 6, 2006

How Running Has Changed My Life In Short Order

So I started running seriously again last fall and once I realized I was going to stay with it this time for a while, I tried to start improving the rest of my life to help my running. I started to eat a little better, cut back on fatty
foods, party a little less, lose some weight, etc. I was making improvements, but they were small.

Then I decided to start training for a marathon, and actually ran in a half marathon. Last Saturday was a turning point. With great success in that race I realized that I actually have a shot to qualify for Boston, almost every distance runners dream. With that as a legitimate goal, my focus has sharpened even more. My motivation for eating better, having a better lifestyle, being more kind to people (keeps stress low) seems to have increased 3 fold because of that race.

I feel absolutely fantastic, and am getting better everyday. Ahh, life is good.

Remember, there is no finish line.

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