Saturday, April 30, 2011

2011 FSCA 5K Results (or hmmm… I think I will run a 5K this Morning)

5/116 overall

Just a little local 5K. I decided at about 7 am that I was going to run it at 8:30 am and my race day registration meant I got a XL size race shirt :(. Just another ‘forced speed workout’ that helps shake the rust out of my legs in my training for serious endurance events (100 milers) I actually ran this race a few years ago and got 2nd overall back then. I have gotten slower at these shorter distances just because I never train for racing 5K’s.

The weather was actually quite nice. high 40’s with a small wind and overcast. A nice tour of downtown Jackson (there are a few local road races that are in downtown) that I actually run every once in a while. I managed to keep an even pace for the race (slow, I know) which is nice considering I was never able to do that ‘back in the day’. My pulled hamstring, which I have been nursing for about 1.5 months did slow me down, but not too much.

Just for the record, the first time (and most recent) time I ran this race was way back in 2006 when I ran an 18:58 (2nd place overall). That was my 6th race of the modern era. Oh, how much I have learned in the 98 road races since then…

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